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Ekart provides a range of transportation options for heavy and bulk shipments through multi-modal solutions. With our extensive network and hubs across India, we currently operate over 7,000 trucks daily, which allows us to handle both regular and seasonal business fluctuations while maintaining reliable and cost-effective services.

Our expertise covers Full Truckload (FTL) and Less than Truckload (LTL) freight requirements, enabling us to fulfil all the transportation needs of businesses. Additionally, for time-sensitive shipments, we offer Air B2B services augmented by our surface express capability to ensure priority and quicker transit.

B2B Express Services

End to End Offerings

Leverage Ekart’s Surface and Air capabilities to fulfil all your B2B transportation needs.

Air Express

Air Express

For time sensitive shipments across the country connecting over 1800 cities within 96 Hrs

Surface Express

Surface Express

Economical and efficient heavy shipment movement focusing on Express B2B movement

Full Truckload Services

Full Truckload

Point to point full truck load movement to fulfil customer’s truckload movement across the supply chain

Part Truckload Services

Part Truckload

Pan India network for efficient movement of less than truckload cargo with reliability and quality service assurance

B2B Express Logistic with Secured Fleet

Secured Fleet

Vast fleet of 7000+ GPS enabled trucks with digilock to ensure goods are safely delivered to destination

B2B Logistic Services with Air Network

Air Network

Connecting India through 21 strategic Airports to ensure quick and assured transit

Line haul and Transportation management solutions

We provide transportation solutions for businesses of all sizes by leveraging our PTL, FTL, and Air Express capabilities. We offer advanced technologies and innovative approaches to logistics to provide businesses with reliable, efficient, and cost-effective transportation solutions. Our customizable solutions include route optimization and load planning to help businesses reduce transportation costs and improve delivery times. We are committed to providing businesses with the best possible transportation solutions to optimise their operations and improve their bottom line.

Trucking Services with Full Truckload

Full Truckload

  1. On-demand placement
  2. National compliant network
Trucking Services with Part Truckload

Part Truckload

  1. Reliable vehicle placement
  2. Assured delivery schedule
Surface Express

Surface Express

  1. Optimized network
  2. Last mile delivery services
Air Express Delivery

Air Express

  1. Pan India network
  2. 13,000+ PIN codes covered

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